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How can Monmouth & Ross-on-Wye Self Storage help you this Christmas? 

It’s coming to that time of year when our thoughts turn to Christmas with so much to organise; booking your food shop, baking, planning travel, de-cluttering house for friends and family, decorating the tree, writing Christmas cards and buying/ordering all of the presents are just some of the things we try to achieve before the 25 December. Although it can bring great joy, it can also place a huge strain on your time and energy so here’s how Monmouth & Ross-on-Wye Self Storage can help.

No Room at The Inn?

With friends and family visiting, it can be quite a challenge to find the space needed to host them for the day or few days if they are staying over for the festive period. However long they stay there are normally a host of bags and belongings that come with them. Whether it’s finding somewhere for them to sit or getting their things put away, your rooms become overcrowded. That problem could be solved if you declutter a week before Christmas and use one of our self-storage units to create space in the short term.

You might also have a spare room in the house where you normally store your extra Christmas goods until they are required on the day. However, this same space may be used all year round to store things that you’ve ‘tidied up’ or bought but only use from time to time. It would be wise to de-clutter in the build up to Christmas and use a small self storage unit to help create some much needed space. Once the festive season is over, we can either bring your things back to the house or keep them in the unit as part of your overall New Year clean out.

Damage Limitation

When the 12 days of Christmas is up, how many of us strip the tree, unclip the lights from the front of the house and store them in the nearest cupboard, wardrobe garage or shed? How many people ruin their Christmas decorations because they don’t have a suitable storage solution? If you have a lot of decorations, a sizeable tree and other seasonal goods that aren’t going to be used, why not use a self-storage unit to keep them safe and damp free until next year?


We can even collect them direct from your door using our Mobile Self Storage service so you don’t even have to spend the time, money or effort doing so yourself. To see how this great service works, please view our video.

Hide and Seek

It’s quite a challenge hiding Christmas presents from your loved ones, especially over excited little ones who simply cannot wait to see what they are getting. The most popular choices of hiding places; on top of the wardrobe, under the bed or in the boot of the car really aren’t that hard to find! Where does one hide a trampoline? How do you wrap a bicycle so it’s not obvious? If you have large or numerous items with no ideal space to store them then why not rent a storage unit for a week or two so the surprise stays just that. You can even arrange to build and wrap the items in our clean, dry warehouse unit ready for the big day if needed.

Whether it’s short term Christmas related storage or long term domestic or business storage, we at Monmouth & Ross-on-Wye Self Storage are here to listen, advise and help you find the right storage unit for the right price for as long as you need it so please do not hesitate to contact us on 01981 541180 for latest prices and availability.


Tips for Moving House – Reduce the Stress


Moving to a new house is probably one of the most stressful things you can do in life and, whilst the thought of settling into your new home is exciting, the actual packing and planning beforehand aren’t. However, moving home doesn’t have to be a complete chore if some simple tips are followed.

Seek a helping hand

Decluttering can be carried out for a number of reasons such as getting the house ready to impress a buyer or simply packing away your non-essential belongings to reduce the workload on moving day. Or do you have a gap between your move-out and move-in date and need a place to store all your things for a few days or weeks? These items will, of course, require a new, temporary storage space and if friends or family can’t help with a spare room or garage then Monmouth & Ross-on-Wye Self-Storage will be happy to discuss your requirements and offer you a range of solutions tailored to suit your needs. We can even arrange to collect your belongings direct from your door using our Mobile Self Storage service.

Protect your possessions

Plan in advance and purchase plenty of strong boxes, bubble wrap, tape and blankets prior to packing….these are your belongings after all. Make sure you individually wrap fragile items such as glassware, photos, pictures, plates etc before packing them in a larger box. If you are thinking of placing your belongings into long term storage then make sure everything is clean and dry so they don’t become mouldy during the months (or years) in storage.

Pack smart, Pack safe

When it comes to packing your items, make sure you think logically about how you’re going to go about it. Always pack heavier items in smaller boxes as it’s easier to carry. Always think about how many books you stack in one box as these quickly add up to a lot of weight and may lead to a bad back or broken box when trying to lift it. Use larger boxes or bags for essentials such as duvets and pillows as these are light and easier to stack and store when contained in a box or bag. It may seem obvious to many but always label each box or bag as you will forget over the weeks or months when you suddenly need some items and can’t remember where it is…leading to wasted time and effort trying to find the right box.

Where are you going? 

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of changing postcodes but don’t forget to tell your bank, insurance company, building society, credit card providers and favourite charities before you go. After all, you don’t want any important documents getting sent to the wrong address.

And, just in case the bank doesn’t change your address, don’t forget to redirect your post with Royal Mail as a fail safe.

‘Go to’ essentials

Prepare a bag of essentials which should be the last thing you load into the car. This could include a change of clothes, toothbrushes, snacks, kettle, tea & coffee, mugs and sugar. Perhaps a first aid kit, tool box and toys to keep younger ones entertained when unpacking.

Treat yourself

A big move is hard work and stressful so stick to your deadlines but also allow yourself some down time to enjoy a well-earned rest. Enjoy a cup of tea and biscuit during the day and why not explore the local pub, takeaway or restaurant in the evening. After all, there will plenty of time to cook in your new home.

Are you moving, renovating or running out of space at home? Here is some advice on how to declutter and how Monmouth & Ross-on-Wye Self Storage can help you.

Preparing your home for sale or moving into a new house is the perfect excuse to purge excess items you no longer need. However, if you already live in a great location but the house is just too small or overrun with toys, tools, boxes or broken bits then extending or simply having a declutter and rearrangement of space could be the answer you are looking for.

Whatever the reason, it can sometimes be tricky to determine what to keep and what to throw away. Storing is, of course, another option, especially for those items you don’t use often enough but don’t want to dispose of for sentimental or value reasons.

Here is some advice to help you evaluate if you should pack, throw or store your belongings.

How to Categorise Your Items.

When sorting through your belongings, ask yourself a series of questions to help categorise items:

·        How often do I use it?

·        How emotionally attached am I to it?

·        Is this ready for an upgrade?

·        Could someone else get more use out of it?

·        Does it still function correctly?

·        Will this fit the décor of my new home or extension?

·        Is there room for this in my new house if I move?

Pack up or keep all the items that pass these questions. The rest will fall into one of the categories in the following sections.

What to Throw Away (and Other Options)

Remember to be honest with yourself when sorting through items. This will help eliminate unnecessary clutter taking up valuable space in the future. Besides broken items, some items to consider kicking to the curb are:

·        Items with missing parts.

·        Old greeting cards, letters, magazines.

·        Rusty equipment, such as gardening tools, rakes or hoses.

Although getting rid of excess items can be a relief, sometimes it may be difficult to just throw your items away. If so, why not consider other options that can give your useful belongings a second life, such as donating, selling or giving them away.

Some items that may fall into these categories include:

·  Apparel that is no longer worn.

·  Extra or unused kitchenware (plates, glasses, mugs, silverware).

·  Lightly worn furniture.

·  Lightly worn rugs.

·  Décor that is no longer used, such as lamps, paintings or sculptures.

So How Can Monmouth & Ross-on-Wye Self Storage Help?

Some of the items you want to keep may not be of use to you anymore but have sentimental memories or be future hand-me-downs for when the children go to university or move into their first house.

Self-storage is a perfect solution as you’ll have access to them anytime without taking up space in your home. At Monmouth & Ross-on-Wye Self Storage, we offer a wide range of cost effective options so whether it’s one box or a whole house, we will listen to, and discuss with you the best solutions to suit your needs. For example, even if you only have a small amount of family keepsakes that you want to keep safe, we have secure racking space available from only £1 per week.

Some items to consider storing, include:

·        Unused musical instruments.

·        Holiday decorations.

·        Family photographs or keepsakes.

·        Patio Furniture.

·        Kitchen appliances.

·        Seasonal apparel (e.g. coats, hats, sweaters).

·        Outdoor tools (e.g. lawn mower, rakes, shovels, DIY tools).

If you wish to discuss your storage requirements, or simply need some free advice then please call us on 01981 541180 seven days a week or email via our contact us page.